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Post Surgical Care

Comfort of Home - Medically Supervised

The after-care following the first 24 hours are critical in the recovery process and we can give you the peace-of-mind having our trained staff supervise you for your first night.

Our staff is on site at all times, checking on you often but allowing you to rest uninterrupted.

Our goal is to provide you with every comfort of your home under the best medical supervision by a plastic surgery trained registered nurse.

Its all about peace-of-mind

If you have favorite items from home that would make you more comfortable please bring them along. We have “comfort” food available, as well as foods that are easy to eat post surgery.

If you have specialty food items that you would like to bring, refrigerator space is available.

This also offers a convenient way for your mandatory next-day evaluation by the surgeon.  No more long, bumpy car rides.

All post-operative care is performed by a specially trained RN devoted to your care only.

Enjoy of comfort and security of recovering in our post-surgical suite.

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Room Features:

  • Fully adjustable hospital style bed
  • Private room with bathroom
  • Cable TV
  • Internet and streaming
  • Meals
  • Over-sized Lazy Boy recliner

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